February Nicaragua Update One

The Trabajueños tmigos poems adorn the walls at NicaPhoto's office so the students of Sonrisa de Dios can get to know all of names and faces of their Amigos from the United States.


We landed in Managua and immediately took off to go visit Sonrisa de Dios (where the Trabajueños team will visit in about two weeks!).

In the Nica Photo office, we saw the completed poems from our two teams that will be visiting in February and March.

The students there are very excited to get to know their “amigo” now that they have seen their picture and know a little about them from their poem.

The foundation and fence can be seen in place at the site of the preschool we are building in Sonrisa de Dios.


After that quick visit to the office, we drove over to Sonrisa. The foundation of the school has been poured and the “trabajadores” (workers) are in the process of finishing up the fence.

As soon as we entered the community we could feel the excitement of the people. Now that this project is not just a rumor, but rather a real development, the children are excited and the parents are anxious to start sending their kids to a school that is not so dangerous to access.

The architect and maestro as well as Byron and Ronnie (of Nica Photo) were all smiles during the visit and repeatedly expressed their excitement to receive the two groups. The Trabajueños  and Esperanza teams are sure to have an amazing  experience with all the kids and members of the Sonrisa de Dios community.

Nos vemos pronto!