What We Do


Our international projects are completed in just nine days, but B3 works all year long to build a better world. During the spring and summer, students enroll to join the B3 program, which begins with the local school year. Our local projects are scheduled throughout the year, while our international projects take place during February, March, and April.

Following is an outline of the basic details of the B3 program:


Students must raise approximately 80% of their share of program expenses including building materials, airfare, and accommodations (B3 raises the remaining 20% through events, grants, and other donations). The program cost ranges between $2900 and $3200. B3 guides students through the fundraising process, which can include letter writing campaigns, product sales, and more.


In order to meet our local service requirement (6 hours), students must volunteer with their team on local projects scheduled throughout the year. By volunteering on our local projects, students develop a relationship with their team and address issues concerning our neighborhoods.


As an international organization, B3 and its students are representatives of the US. Through cultural exchange and cooperation, we offer hope, friendship, and assistance to communities in need. Additionally, participants must behave in a way that is respectful of others and does not jeopardize the safety of themselves or their team.


During their school break, students travel to a developing nation in order to help a community in need. Teams will live and work alongside their host community to develop, repair, or build a new facility that will transform lives. We build sustainable facilities that address the struggles of the community, be it a school, aqueduct, or medical clinic. The work is varied and physical, from setting block to digging trenches, but, as in all aspects of the program, students will be supplied with all the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.


After the project is complete, the work isn’t done. We hope that students will share this experience, continue volunteering outside of the program, and help others see the importance of volunteerism.
If you have more questions about the B3 program, please read our FAQs.